Atlanta Props™ Oversized Props

Oversized Props

Our giant props are realistic, 3D custom sculptures on display nationwide.

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Atlanta Props™ Custom Film Props

Custom Film Props

Atlanta Props™ creates custom props for film and video productions.

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Atlanta Props™ Event and Display Props

Event and Display Props

Let Atlanta Props™ create the props and stage for your event, display or trade show.

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Atlanta Props™ Ad Pitches

Ad Pitches

Bring your presentation to life with a custom prop or room transformation by Atlanta Props™.

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Atlanta Props™ Sets and Stages

Sets and Stages

Let Atlanta Props™ design and construct your next stage or production set.

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Atlanta Props™ Giant 3D Letters

3D Letters

Atlanta Props™ creates custom letters and logos. All sizes, all materials.

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Atlanta Props™ specializes in custom props.

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What Sets Atlanta Props™ Apart from the Others

Quality Service

1Atlanta Props™ IS Scott and Susan Feldman. We are “hands on” with all our projects, start to finish. Our artistic skills and ingenuity make for a great combination. We are innovative, problem solving, creative and we love what we do! Atlanta Props™ gives clients peace of mind by taking the worry out of a project.

Custom Builders

2Atlanta Props™ is not a rental facility. We custom build each unique prop or set. We rarely build the same thing twice and specialize in one-of-a-kind objects. Each project is custom made to suit your needs.

All Materials

3Atlanta Props™ examines the properties, limitations, application and durability of a variety of materials, then evaluates which of the materials would be best for your project. Being a prop builder requires an in depth knowledge of all materials. Each project has unique needs. We work in wood, plexiglass, fabric, vinyl, foam, sheet goods and metals, just to name a few.