Check out some of Atlanta Props™ favorite designs and new props. Atlanta Props™ specializes in custom one-of-a-kind props!

Cell Phone Costumes

Atlanta Props™ designed and built twenty cell phone costumes that included led faces for the Georgia Lottery and BBDO Atlanta. These costumes were used during a Falcon’s Half Time Show and other sporting events.

Potato Phone Charging Station for Trade Show Display

Atlanta Props was asked to develop a phone charging station trade show display powered by potatoes for Bayer and the Potato Expo. After weeks of experimentation and research, we were able to rig a series of potatoes into a battery that would charge a cell phone for a short period of time. The design and wiring system for this Trade Show Display was the key to making this phone charging station successful. It also took about one thousand potatoes, one thousand copper nails, and a hundred feet of wire.

Atlanta Props™ United Way Video

Atlanta Props™ was proud to build a variety of different arcade games to promote United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta. The games were to increase public awareness of keeping kids in school, assisting people in getting a job, helping people receive quality health care, and ending homelessness.

Giant Letters for Home Depot

Prop builders at Atlanta Props™ fabricated ten 6 foot tall letters for a photo shoot with Home Depot. The letters were built with shelves for a product display. Atlanta Props™ then rigged the letters to stack on top of each other for the photo shoot.

Metal Camel Display

Atlanta Props™ created this six foot tall metal camel for a traveling event.

Chip Guitar

Atlanta Props™ created this chip guitar for Moe’s Southwest Grill. This was one of the cool projects where they called us wanted a guitar made of chips. We had the opportunity to design the prop with the great idea of one Giant Chip. Not only did we build the film prop, we also provided the set location, set props and prop master, Scott Feldman, was the amazing talent.

Airstream Trade Show Set

Atlanta Props designed and created this Airstream Trade Show Set for a Boston Beer Event. The Airstream Set is made of a stainless sheeting and has detailing that makes it very realistic. The set is portable and can be easily transported and set up for future Boston Beer events. Models served beverages out of the window of the Airstream Facade.

Giant Skull Carved out of Foam

We took turns this weekend sculpting this giant skull prop with a chainsaw. Messy fun. Still need to detail the paint. This giant prop skull built by Atlanta Props™ was used for an outdoor event.

Oversized Big Green Egg Prop

Atlanta Props™ was asked to create a Big Green Egg Replica that was twice as large as the actual product. Our reproduction is so realistic that The Big Green Egg Company has had their distributors try to place orders for the Giant “Eggzilla”. The model is an exact replica and is on display at their corporate location.

Giant Condom for Aids Awareness

Atlanta Props™ designed this over giant condom for an art director to be used for Aids awareness. They actually rolled up just like a real condom.


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